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Sales engineer

PostSales engineer

|The base salary is 4,000 yuan commission             Customer service consciousness, interpersonal communication ability, market development ability and business negotiation ability


1、Bachelor degree or above, Major in chemical engineering, materials, marketing or List of semiconductor materials related sales experience is preferred
2、At least 5 years sales experience
3、Good customer service awareness, interpersonal communication skills, market development ability and business negotiation ability
4、Love sales work, like the challenging work
5、Basic salary 4000 (including social security, etc.), commission counts, annual income of more than 100,000 to 150,000。 


1、Learn and master the relevant technical knowledge and product knowledge, and develop a keen ability to capture the market and the ability to distinguish
2、Convert customer inquiry, be responsible for quotation and negotiation, contract signing, payment collection, business execution, customer relationship maintenance, etc.
3、Use various channels/platforms/exhibitions to develop customers, invite customers, tap customer needs, follow up potential customers, take the initiative to explore, complete the development of new customers
4、According to the enterprise's overall sales plan and strategy, formulate their own sales plan and strategy to achieve the company's assigned sales targets
5、Evaluate, forecast and control the cost of sales to drive sales profit maximization
6、Actively communicate and coordinate with related departments to optimize production and sales process。
7、Collection of market information and analysis of competitors.

8、Improve the customer management system and market competition system。

High Purity Materials R & D engineer

Position: high purity material r & D engineer

 5 persons | $8,000-$15,000 material chemistry, analysis, chemical engineering and process, chemical analysis and testing


1、Solid and professional theoretical knowledge, years of working experience in high purity materials, List of semiconductor materials, target and crystal ceramics is preferred
2、Bachelor degree or above, majored in material science, electronic information materials, chemical engineering, metallurgy, etc.
3、Have a strong sense of responsibility to work, hands-on ability, can adapt to the production of enterprise work mode
4、Strong practical ability, statistical analysis ability, innovative spirit, skilled use of office, drawing and other software
5、Have the spirit of hard work, team spirit, good professional ethics
Other benefits: Social Security, Meal Allowance, including accommodation, regular medical check-ups, statutory insurance protection, holiday benefits, year-end bonus, etc.


1、responsible for high purity metal materials, high purity List of semiconductor materials, target materials and other product formulation design, process design, equipment research and development.
2、The invention solves various problems in the process of material purification and synthesis preparation
3、To carry out research, development and trial production of high performance Compound semiconductor materials, polycrystalline materials and monocrystalline materials
4、Responsible for R & D projects, follow up, coordinate and monitor the progress of R & D projects, provide technical materials for the application and acceptance of government projects at all levels
5、To optimize and upgrade the production process, equipment transformation, improve product quality and efficiency, reduce production costs
6、Complete other work tasks assigned by Superior