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Simple substance
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  • high purity lead
    high purity lead
    High purity lead (Pb) purity: 4N (99 99%), 5N (99 999%), 6N (99 9999%) CAS number: 7439-92-1 Physical properties: external bright, silver white
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  • Bismuth
    Bismuth(Bi) Technology docking: Electrolysis–Area melting inspection:ICP-MS;Laser particle size analyzer,Scanning electron microscope。Services:Provide practical protective measures,Provide material application solutions
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  • Tellurium
    [99 999%Tellurium(Te) ]Technology docking:Lead-zinc ore, copper ore anode slime-enrichment-electrolysis-vacuum distillation-hydrogenated deoxidation-zone melting; test: ICP-MS
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  • Vanadium
    Name: Vanadium powder Purity : 99 99% Traits:Light Gray metallic powder。 Purpose: The metal vanadium is used in special steel, Superhard material, hard alloy and so on
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  • Calcium
    High purity calcium:99 5% 99 95% 99 99%,Calcium is a metallic element, the symbol CA, in the periodic table in the fourth cycle, the IIA Group, at room temperature as a silver-white crystal It can be used as
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  • Zirconium
    Zirconium powder properties: light gray shiny metal or gray amorphous powder content:99 9% Granularity:100-320 mesh melting point:1852 °C(lit ) Boiling Point:4377 °C(lit )Density:(水=1)6 49
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  • Cadmium
    High purity cadmium applications: mainly used in nuclear magnetic resonance cadmium zinc telluride materials, instrument detection materials, preparation of II-VI Compound semiconductor, high purity alloys, batteries, solder and control rods in atomic reactors, etc
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  • Hafnium
    1、Appearance and description: hafnium powder is a gray metal powder, easy to catch fire in the air, divided into industrial-grade hafnium powder and nuclear-grade hafnium powder。2、Nature:It has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to be corroded by general acid-base water solution
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  • Gallium
    Supply high purity 5n-6n gallium pills99 999%-99 9999%Gallium grains 1-6mm Gallium spheres Gallium alloy1、The element describes the chemical formula:GaCasNo:7440-54-2 Atomic weight:69 723 Density:5 91 g cm3 Melting Point:
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  • Sulphur
    Specifications: Powder, block 1 purity: 5N (99999%) , 6N (99999%) ; 2 technical docking: distillation-re-distillation; 3 specifications: irregular block; 4 packaging: 2-layer vacuum bag
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  • aluminium
    High purity aluminum Chinese name:铝 Cas No:7429-90-5 Formula:Al Product purity: 99 999%、99 9999% Physical specifications:Particles, bars, blocks, slices Product packaging: vacuum bags or bottles, can also be in accordance with customer requirements packaging
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  • Manganese
    Manganese powder purity: 99 95% Product performance high purity manganese powder, less impurities Application Direction Manganese powder is an important alloying element in the production of stainless steel, High-strength low-alloy steel, aluminum-manganese alloy, copper-manganese alloy, etc ​
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  • molybdenum
    Molybdenum powder product purity:99 9% product characteristics micro-nano-molybdenum powder by gas-phase evaporation condensation preparation, particle size uniformity, spherical degree of high, high purity, small particle size, loose density, the nano-molybdenum powder has good stability in the air at room temperature, high sintering activity, high high temperature strength and hardness, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and good corrosion resistance, widely used in chemical, metallurgical and aerospace industries, molybdenum and molybdenum alloy products, raw materials and other fields
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  • Niobium
    NB powder (Details) : Nb:≥99 99%; APS:10μm SSA:>2 6 m2 g Density:8 6g cm3 Loose density:3 2g cm3
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  • Nickel
    High Purity Nickel molecular formula: NI Cas No 7440-02-0 purity:99 99%, 99 999% color: silvery white physical properties: square, cylindrical particles Uses: mainly used in the production of II-VI Compound semiconductor,
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  • Rubidium
    Rubidium (RB) is a silvery white light metal Soft and waxy, it is more chemical property than potassium It is easy to release electrons under the action of light It reacts violently with water, creating hydrogen and rubidium hydroxide gas Easily reacts with oxygen to form complex oxides
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  • Titanium
    Purity: 99 9% Properties: the product is a light gray irregular powder, has a large inhalation capacity, high temperature or electric spark flammable conditions Application:
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  • stibium
    99999% antimony block, antimony particle, antimony bar。Technology docking: antimony trichloride SbCl3-distillation-hydrogen reduction SB Test: ICP-MS, the total impurity content of 5n antimony is below 10 ppm
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  • Iron
    Molecular formula for high purity iron:Fe CAS number:7439-89-6 Purity:99 99%, 99 999% Color: Silvery White Physical properties: square, cylindrical particles use: aerospace, precision metallurgy, soft magnetic zero
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  • Copper
    99 999%High purity copper particles 7440-50-83、Standard specification for copper ingots -- copper pellets。4、Packing in vacuum bags or vacuum bottles, or according to customer requirements packaging 5、 quality inspection according to the corresponding test report 6、Copper for use
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  • Selenium
    Properties: black powder: -100 mesh; -200 mesh; black particles: 2-6 mm Chemical purity:High purity selenium: Se-05 purity of 99 999% , silver, aluminum, bismuth, cadmium, copper, iron, indium, magnesium, nickel,
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  • tin
    Usage: Mainly used for preparing group compound semiconductors (such as PbxSn1-xTe), high-purity alloys, ultra-low temperature cooling alloys, superconducting materials (Nb2Sn), solder, and dopants for compound semiconductors ITO material
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  • zinc
    2 Purity: 99 999%, 99 9999%, 99 99999% 3 Physical properties: zinc rod, zinc ingot, zinc particle 4 Purpose: Mainly used for preparing compound semiconductors, producing ZnxCd1-xTe, ZnP, ZnS,
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  • yttrium
    Yttrium has a wide range of industrial applications, as it can be used as a yttrium phosphor to produce red color on television screens It is also used as a filter for certain rays, superconductors, superalloys, and special glass Yttrium is resistant to high temperature and corrosion
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  • ytterbium
    Purity: 4N English name ytterbium Chinese name ytterbium CAS number 7440-64-4 Solubility - Molecular weight 173 05400 Melting point 824 ° C (lit) Density 6 54 g mL at 25 ° C (lit) Boiling point 1196 ° C (lit)
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  • indium
    99 99% indium ingots, indium beads, indium particles, indium powder technology docking: electrolysis melting (removing low melting point lead, arsenic, cadmium, phosphorus, mercury, sulfur, selenium, etc ) Inspection: ICP-MS; GDMS Services: Provided
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  • germanium
    Provide ICP-MSS, ICP-AES, XRD or particle size testing reports based on the product type; Provide after-sales service and material application solutions according to customer needs
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